Ukraine based Tamale rapper going Viral

Ukraine based Tamale rapper going Viral

Dboy is a Jisonaayali rapper based in Ukraine. His “stand out” music video recently surfaced on “Tamale funny Videos” facebook page almost ripped apart our stats, receiving about 12,000 views , 294 shares and 98 comments . One wouldn’t exactly say Dboy style of Rap is the first of its kind in Northern music, but what ever it is that he has added to the mix is definately working. The likes of Sapark have tried in the past to draw northern music lovers in with their english rap but admitted that hasn’t worked the way we would love it to. Power of music Videos maybe? Are we about to solve our Northern Ghana music problem? Are we about to have an artist that we can cofidently market to the world or this is going to be a flash in the pan? I don’t have all the answers, but i know one guy who does — Dboy. He has just released a new track this week which he calls ”Tamale Hussle”. Check out his videos below

source: Tamale Funny Videos


February 14th, 2016

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