Foreign artistes perform at VGMA for free

Foreign artistes perform at VGMA for free


According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the company, George Quaye foreign artistes who perform at the award show do it for free.

He explained that such artistes consider their performances as “convention,” hence do not demand for payment or whatsoever.Mr Quaye said Charter House only takes care of their flights and accommodation of invited artistes.

“All the international acts that are coming, none of them is taking a dime. What we do is we cater for their flight, we give them accommodation and a per diem and in total it doesn’t go beyond 1,500 or worst case scenario 2,000…because they know, that in their countries and all over the world it’s convention, you do not charge to perform at award shows.”

“However if it’s a music concert that we are doing like the Hope City concert with Chris Brown, yes definitely you will pay top dollar.”

There has been complaints about the differences between the fees Charter House pays local and foreign artistes with top local musicians like Shata Wale and Sarkodie alleging that the company treats foreigners better than locals.

“There is a lot of perception that goes round. There are issues that we cannot run away from.  This is our country and we do honour and cherish our artistes so much. But those are just perception but I’m sure if they come close enough eventually that perception would be robbed off,” he said.


April 12th, 2015

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